Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Lancaster PA

Chapter 7 may be the opportunity you are looking for if you are behind on your bills or have credit card debt, hospital bills, lawsuit judgments, or payday loans.

How it can help you:

  • Eliminate your unsecured credit card debt in full
  • Eliminate hospital bills or prior legal fees
  • Stop most civil lawsuits against you
  • Stop all creditors from calling you at home and work or sending you collection bills
  • Stop the foreclosure on your home and sheriff's sale and get at least 1-2 additional months to attempt to work out an arrangement with your bank/lender if keeping your home is your intention
  • Surrender your real estate back to the mortgage company and walk away from it without negative tax consequences
  • Stop gas, water, electric shut offs and have the services immediately turned back on
  • Unlock frozen bank accounts and all collection activity
  • Rebuild your credit score
  • Stop the repossession of your car
  • Reinstate your driver's license and eliminate traffic fines


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