Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyers in Lancaster PA

Chapter 13 is a powerful tool that could effectively address many of the financial problems you are unfortunately facing. I will personally take the time to talk to you and simplify the process. After we have discussed your individual situation, I will explain how it could potentially help you. Call me today for a free consultation regarding Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

How it can help you:

  • Stop most civil lawsuits against you
  • Stop all creditors from calling you at home and work or sending you collection bills
  • Stop the foreclosure on your home and sheriff's sale and have the option to become current on your missed payments through a 3-5 year plan
  • Stop the repossession of your car and repay any arrears in a 3-5 year plan
  • Cure tax problems or child/spousal support obligations
  • Stop gas, water, electric shut offs and have the services immediately turned back on
  • Remove certain liens from your real estate
  • Eliminate unsecured credit card debt while paying nothing or very little in a 3-5 year plan based on your current income
  • Unlock frozen bank accounts and all collection activity
  • Rebuild your credit score


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